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Larder Cupboards

Larder Cupboards

Storage can be a problem, we understand that more than anyone.  If you have limited space, or are just looking for a beautiful addition to your current kitchen then you should think about our made-to-measure larder cupboards.  Complete with all the storage areas you require, and made to any size just for you, the larder cupboard is a practical but stunning piece of furniture.  Whether you are commissioning us to produce your entire kitchen or if you just want a stand-alone larder cupboard we will design, build and deliver one to your exact specification within 21 days.  As with all of our furniture the colour is up to you too – just tell us what you want and we will be happy to help.  We can also advise you on what may compliment your current colour scheme if you need a push in the right direction.

To Order a Stand Alone Larder Cupboard

Step One – Measure the space in which you wish to place the new Larder Cupboard.

Step Two – Decide what colour if any you wish to paint the Larder Cupboard.

Step Three – Decide what internal features you would like built into your Larder Cupboard. These may be spice racks, small internal drawers, wine racks, shelving, bespoke drawers, storage for a food processor plus much more.

Step Four – Call us and place your order on 01604 372039

Step Five – Receive delivery of your bespoke Larder Cupboard in 21 days

Made to Measure Larder Cupboard