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Bespoke Kitchens by Oliver’s

Feature Collection

The ‘Feature Collection’ is a key part of the Oliver’s Kitchen portfolio. You can be part of the design process as you mix and match the endless possibilities that our extensive collection allows. Designed with the modern lifestyle in mind, it allows you to choose a kitchen that best suits your way of life.

You will enjoy the same choice of appliances, worktops, handles, etc as if you were designing a bespoke kitchen. This allows us to put together a design that is unique to you. The overall feel of these kitchens is of crisp lines and no-nonsense styling. This furniture is of the highest quality, it looks great and is incredibly robust and hard wearing.

Alongside your design we invite you to select an item of ‘feature’ furniture from our bespoke range. This will become the real signature piece of your finished kitchen. You might choose an island, or one of our stunning larder cupboards. Once again the possibilities are endless. Designed and crafted just for you in our Leicestershire workshops, it’s an opportunity to let your imagination run away with you.

Of course you may feel that your ‘feature’ kitchen doesn’t need anything extra. That’s fine too – we want your kitchen to be something that you can love, and we can feel proud of too.

Some examples of our ‘Feature Collection’ can be seen in our showroom in Oakham.

Feature Collection

Esteem Collection

Our ‘Esteem collection’ brings you the finest examples of cabinetmaking. The beauty of having a bespoke kitchen from Oliver’s is that you can design it compliment your lifestyle. The size of the space you have available is not important – whether you want a small, functional kitchen with all the latest gadgets, or you prefer a family orientated living space with room for everyone to relax, you can rest assured that we will bring out the best in your kitchen.

There really are no limits here. If you can picture it, we can build it. From the size and shape of the furniture, to the intricate detailing such as the handles and curve of the worktops, anything is possible. Our furniture promises to be both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional – looking, feeling and working exactly as you had planned.

We can source any worktop, handle, colour that you wish. Or, if you prefer just a few options to choose from then let our designers establish your preferences and give you a smaller selection to narrow down. We really do want this to be a collaborative experience – any questions or ideas you have are more than welcome. Let us deal with the finer points while you concentrate on your ideal space.

Each of our kitchens is handcrafted to your exact requirements so you can be sure it will blend seamlessly with your lifestyle. Due to the quality of raw materials, and the expertise of our talented craftsmen in our Leicestershire workshops, your Oliver’s kitchen will be built to last a lifetime. Designed and crafted with modern living in mind we are able to offer you the latest technology to compliment your choice of kitchen, without detracting from the understated elegance of each and every design.

Esteem Collection