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6 ways to make the most of out a small kitchen

6 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Small Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home – it’s a place where you can cook and relax with friends, so making the most out of your space is essential. If you have a small kitchen and are looking for ways to maximise space and get the most out of your room, follow our six top tips.


Opt for neutral colours

If space is an issue, opt for a neutral tone in your kitchen. Not only will the colour help to unify your space, but it will make your room appear larger than it is. Whites, greys and creams are great for bouncing light around the room, while mirrors and glass can be used to create the illusion of space.

If you’re a fan of colour, then add a dash with your kitchen accessories. Your kettle, toaster, coffee maker and crockery can all be used to add personality to your room without overwhelming it.

Add a breakfast bar

Incorporating a breakfast bar or table into your small kitchen doesn’t have to be a challenge – and it allows you to add extra space that you can use for preparation when you’re serving guests. By working with Oliver’s Kitchen on a bespoke kitchen design, we’ll be able to help you maximise your space and add a granite worktop or table that can create an eating area.

Go clutter-free

In small kitchens, keeping clutter to a minimum is essential. Declutter and get rid of any unused crockery, utensils, herbs and spices, and opt for open kitchen shelving to create an informal and modern look for your home. Show off your attractive glassware and kitchen gadgetry and keep everything else in a cupboard out of sight.



Think of the sink

Integrating a deep sink into your small kitchen makes sense – especially if you’re prone to leaving dishes across the countertop or don’t have a dishwasher. Remember that moveable and commercial style taps will offer the most flexibility if you’re tight on space.

Integrate your appliances

Tucking your appliances into walls and worktops is one of the best ways to save on space and create an environment that is more convenient for everyday use. Consider installing your sink and oven directly into the wall if space allows, and avoid freestanding units like washing machines if you want to maximise floor-to-ceiling space within your home.

Add a hatch

While more commonly associated with traditional homes, adding a serving hatch to your kitchen can add convenience to your evening dinner routines – and open up your kitchen to your dining or living room and make it appear bigger than it really is.

By taking some time out and making some sensible design choices, it’s easy to maximise space within your home and get the most out of your small kitchen. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Oliver’s Kitchens today if you’re ready for a custom-designed kitchen that works for you.