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4 ways to prepare your kitchen for Christmas

4 ways to prepare your kitchen for Christmas

Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year. On top of buying and wrapping gifts, spending time visiting your family and friends and finding the right outfit for every occasion, you have the added pressure of cooking a Christmas dinner. However, by taking advantage of some of these pre-Christmas tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the celebrations without the stress.

Get your ingredients early                                              

While it sounds obvious, preparing in advance can save you time and headache in the run-up to the big day. Plan your Christmas food shop as early as you can and consider using an online delivery service if you don’t have the time to brave the local supermarket.

Decorate your kitchen

If you want to make your kitchen as festive as possible, decorate it with tinsel, lighting and Christmas candles. Spray-on snow and press-on snowflakes can be used to decorate your window and help you create the perfect Christmas environment to enjoy with your friends and family.

Create a cooking schedule

Whether you’re cooking for all of your friends and family or you’re just keeping it small, creating a cooking schedule can save you stress. Plan out starters, main courses and puddings, and finalise your recipes and preparation times in advance so that the big day goes off without a hitch.

Check your equipment

Make sure that you have the right plates, cutlery and kitchen equipment before the 25th – there’s nothing worse than serving up Christmas dinner, only to realise you don’t have enough crockery!

Test your oven

It’s important to test your oven and make sure that everything’s in working order. For those who like to be prepared, hold a test run of your meal in the weeks leading up to Christmas day for added peace of mind.

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